The following provides update information on activities recently carried out by Lucid Planning Ltd. If you would like more detail please feel free to contact us!


One of the Best!

We are delighted that the Beam Park project, for which Lucid Planning secured consent, has been short listed for Planning Permission of the year 2020

April 2020


A Guiding Hand

Having been contacted by MorenoMasey architects to assist with complex on going planning and listed building applications Lucid Planning secured approval for a farm redevelopment in Hurstbourne Tarrant. 

March 2020


Room for Another One?

Advice has been sought on the scope to secure planning approval for an additional dwelling/s within the grounds of an existing  property.  A formal pre app to the council is being progressed.

March 2020


Formalising the Position

Lucid Planning has coordinated and subsequently submitted a fully supported Certificate of Lawfulness on behalf of the owners of the Ampfield Golf Club to formalise commencement of the previously consented planning permission for provision of events facilities.

February 2020


OK to Start

Another positive decision for Lucid with approval secured from Arun District Council for the reserved matters application for 90 residential units at a site in Pagham on behalf of Drew Smith.

February 2020


Helping the Future

After extensive negotiation a positive decision has been secured from Winchester City Council relative to phase 3 of the Whiteley town centre redevelopment, to include additional retail floorspace and a 4 storey decked car park. The client, made up of British land and USS, is delighted.

February 2020


Site Specifics

Lucid have been instructed by Reflect Homes to work alongside Boyle and Summers architects to develop proposals for a bespoke residential development at a greenfield site in Fawley.

January 2020


Best Way Forward

Lucid is delighted to announce that the London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham and Havering have approved the S73 associated with the original cross boundary hybrid approval for the Beam Park development. The changes secured enable an improved design response to the specifics of the phase of development.

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has also issued an associated reserved matters approval for phase 2B of the site, agreeing the detail of 330 units.

January 2020


Making it Happen

The GLA have approved the detail set out in a reserved matters application for Phase 2A of the Beam Park development, enabling the applicant to start mobilisation of Phase 2 to deliver 184 residential units. 

December 2019


Helping Others

Lucid would like to wish all clients, consultants and contacts a very Happy Christmas. In recognition of Adrian’s continued involvement with the charity Serve Wessex, Lucid have made a donation to Serve rather than sending Christmas Cards.

December 2019


Playing the Game

Working jointly with Forge Design Studio, Lucid has submitted a bid to assist Wickham Parish Council to deliver a new sports ground, with associated club house and pitches. We hope that we will be given the opportunity to help deliver this key community project. 

November 2019


What a Night!

Along with a number of clients and consultants Adrian enjoyed a fantastic night of comedy, watching comedians including Frank Skinner, Dara O’Briain, Tom Alan and Jo Brand in support of Stand Up to Cancer at the London Palladium. It was a great night and fun was had by all (sides are still aching from laughing!).

November 2019


Back to Basics

Lucid has been providing on going advice to a local land owner in Taplow to ensure that they are best placed to protect their land interests relative to planning applications submitted in the  surrounding area. This has included providing advice on issues that can and cannot be challenged and where negotiation is the most appropriate way forward.

October 2019


Protecting a Position

Lucid Planning has been approached by the owners of a golf club in Andover to assist with securing formal confirmation that a previously approved contentious club house extension has been commenced.

September 2019


No Time to Wait

Following submission of a S73 applicatio to make changes to the parameters and conditions associated with the hybrid Beam Park planning permission Lucid Planning has submitted a reserved matters application for phase 2B of the scheme, comprising 330 residential units, an energy centre, leisure centre, multifaith space, extended central park and support infrastructure.

August 2019


Swift Delivery

To facilitate the timely delivery of the ongoing Beam Park project Lucid Planning has submitted a reserved matters application for phase 2A of the scheme, comprising the detail of 184 residential units. The submission follows extensive engagement and formal design review.

July 2019


The Devil is in the Detail

Lucid Planning has submitted a reserved matters application for 90 residential units and extensive open space for Drew Smith at a site in Pagham.

July 2019


A Better Fit

Having secured hybrid planning permission for the redevelopment of the Beam Park site to include 3,000 residential units and a range of support uses, Lucid Planning has now submitted a S73 application to make changes to parameters and associated drawings to enable an improved architectural approach to phase 2B, enabling more efficient use to be made of the available land. 

July 2019


Continued Growth

Acting for the Whiteley Co-Ownership, Lucid Planning has submitted a full planning application for phase 3 of the Whiteley town centre redevlopment. The application is seeking approval for a new multi-storey car park, a 2 storey retail block (Use Classes A1; A2; A3; A4; A5 & D2) and a signalised junction. The proposal will complement the existing town centre offer, as well as addressing existing operational issues and future proofing the centre against pending development in the proxiamte area. 

June 2019


Change is not Always Good!

Denham Parish Council have sought urgent input from Lucid Planning to assist in protecting its community against the detail of the evolving Draft Chiltren and South Bucks Local Plan.

June 2019


A Pet Project

As part of the continuing asset management support to British Land Lucid Planning has secured change of use of unit G2 at Whiteley town centre to enable dog grooming to take place.

May 2019



Lucid Planning has secured another permission!

 This time being a reserved matters consent for Drew Smith at the former Oaklands School site in Southampton. The scheme will deliver 103 mixed residential units.

April 2019


Something for the Community

Lucid Planning has been approached to carry out an appraisal of a site in the countryside near Grately for possible use as a church and community hall.

March 2019


Time for a Change

Following an approach by a land owner Lucid Planning Ltd, with the support of Boyle and Summers, submitted a promotion document to Test Valley Borough Council to support the possible residential use of a golf course. In response to the Local Plan deadline the submission was made within a week of instruction.

February 2019


Another Step Closer

Following extensive public and technical consultation, Lucid Planning with the support of a range of consultants including Forge Design and Artemis Ecology, has submitted an outline planning applicationfor change of use of a site in Abbots Ann to residential. The redevelopment of the site will fund the relocation of the existing on- site businesses to more appropriate and accessible business premises, removing high levels of existing staff and commercial traffic which has caused difficulties for the local community over many years.

January 2019 



The Beam Park planning decision (secured by Adrian Barker of Lucid Planning Ltd) has been recognised as the second largest housing Planning Permission across the country in 2018:

December 2018


Change is Coming

Lucid Planning is delighted to have secured planning approval for hotel accommodation at the Lion public house and restaurant in Clanville.

November 2018 


Making Use of PDL

Having been instructed by the Drew Smith Group Lucid Planning has submitted a reserved matters application relative to the provision of 103 residential units on a former school site, being previously developed urban land, in Southampton.

October 2018


What Can Be Done?

Lucid has been approached to offer advice to the owner of a large country estate in the Green Belt on the options for maximising the value of the site. This will assist in off setting of the significant costs associated with renovation of the  existing property.

August 2018


Delivering Much Needed Homes

Adrian Barker acted as the sole planner on the Beam Park regeneration project. Following Call In by the London Mayor, working  with the applicant (Countryside Properties and L&Q) and the wider project team, including Patel Taylor Architects,  he helped to steer the project to a positive resolution. 

The application site straddles the administrative boundary between the London Borough of Havering and London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and will deliver 3,000 new homes, regenerating the derelict site of the former Ford manufacturing plant into a new and vibrant destination. It will provide 50% affordable housing, the new Beam Park Railway Station, a substantial new medical centre, 2X 3 FE primary schools, retail spaces, gym, nurseries, community facilities, a multi-faith space, 2 energy centres and extensive open space, including a new 3 ha central park.

September 2018


Dealing with the Nitty Gritty

Having secured planning permission for the engineering works required to pave the way for development at Beam Park, Lucid has been commissioned by the developers to deal with the discharge of associated planning conditions to allow works to commence on site.

Various condition  discharge submissions have been made and most have already been agreed.

July 2018 


Continuing to Grow

Working for the Whiteley Co-Ownership, alongside their extended project team, Lucid has been looking at options to provide phase 3 of a town centre redevelopment. It is envisaged that this  will include provision of a hotel and additional retail. There is also to be provision of a decked car park to deal with existing demand, as well as the likley increase as a result of the recently permitted proximate urban extension which is due to come forward over the coming years. 

Work currently involves formal preapp discussion with Winchester City Council, whilst plans are also underway for community engagement.

June 2018 


Look What Could Be Achieved

Lucid has been working with Leeside Homes Ltd to promote an edge of settlement site for residential development. Working alongside Boyle and Summers, they submitted a detailed site promotion document to the recent Call for Sites to illustrate 'what could be achieved'

May 2018


Reasons to Stay Longer

Following a well received pre app, Lucid Planning, along with Forge Studios, have been working with the owner of a public house to pursue a planning application for  hotel accommodation to expand the current leisure  offer on site. 

April 2018


Helping with Delivery

Following Adrian’s continued input to the Beam Park cross boundary hybrid planning application Lucid Planning has secured consent for  Countryside Properties relative to a marketing suite and show home to stimulate interest at the site, secure sales and assist scheme delivery. 

Consent was also achieved for the site wide advertisement strategy.

March 2018


Engineering Works

 To assist with swift delivery of the Beam Park regeneration project Lucid has successfully applied for two separate planning applications for surcharging works required to prepare the site for development, including clearing of on-site structures, addressing contamination, importation and positioning of crushed material on site (preventing future settlement), localised piling and installation of band drainage. 

February 2018


Listed Building Assistance

Acting for a local property owner in Clanville Lucid Planning assisted in finding  an appropriate extension solution for their listed home following previously planning refusals received by others.

January 2018


Increased Offer

Lucid Planning, in partnership with Forge Design Studios, is working with the owner of a public house and restaurant near Andover seeking to secure approval for provision of associated hotel accommodation. The site location in the open countryside requires careful treatment of the policy position as well as a bespoke design solution. 

Via progression of a formal pre-app, in principle acceptance has been secured from the council although the detail is the subject of ongoing officer liaison.

December 2017 


Green Belt Promotion

Working for Cornerstone Property Assets Ltd. Lucid Planning is involved in the promotion of a strategic site in the Green Belt in the London Borough of Havering for residential development. 

The detailed site history, which will inform arguments around the site being previously developed, will prove important, as will the numerous site constraints.

November 2017


Considering Options

Lucid is working with the owners of a business park in Hampshire seeking to both promote the site through the evolving Local Plan process as well as exploring the scope for a hostile planning application for residential development, including the production of a robust scheme which has all necessary technical support.

October 2017


Asset Management

Lucid Planning has been retained to assist with all asset management issues associated with Whiteley Town Centre in Hampshire. 

Most recently this has necessitated a change of use planning application to enable a beauty salon use to be introduced into the centre, further expanding the centres offer.

September 2017


Responsive Planning

Lucid Planning secured planning permission for the provision of 17 units of sheltered accommodation in the centre of Rickmansworth. The town centre site is in a Conservation Area and proximate to a number of significant listed buildings. 

The facility is being provided in response to a pressing need to cater for the short term homeless. In response to time constraints on the client Lucid managed to deliver the submission, including selecting and instructing the wider project team, within 4 weeks of instruction, whist going on to achieve a timely positive outcome. 

June 2017 


Putting the Right Use in the Right Place

Lucid Planning is working with the owners of a former farm site in the open countryside, which now has an established commercial use, to secure residential redevelopment to facilitate relocation of the existing uses on a no cost basis. This will serve to maintain the businesses, which employee more than 50 people, whilst providing a better solution for the surrounding communities, through removal of a large number of heavy goods vehicles from the highway network. 

Work to date has included strategic site promotion, officer liaison, parish council meetings, public consultation, project advice and collation of the required project team.

May 2017


Protecting Business

Lucid Planning has assisted Make It Ealing, and the businesses that it represents, in making appropriate representations to the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that business interests were adequately recognised and protected within the planning process.

March 2017


Happy to Help!

Lucid Planning is pleased to have supported the successful planning application for a new and greatly improved leisure centre in Andover, through provision of a detailed and technically robust planning statement on behalf of Places for People Leisure Management Ltd.

January 2017


Overcoming Hurdles

Lucid Planning has delivered another planning consent to facilitate relocation of an existing business in South Oxhey. Consent for the new garage and car sales facility was secured despite the site’s inclusion within a wider policy allocation for housing and the need to relocate an existing community facility.


December 2016


Scope to Expand?

Lucid Planning has been working with Gemma International relative to the scope to expand its existing Andover operation to cope with growing demand, whilst allowing for efficient use of its primary site through rationalisation of operations. 

A pre-app submission has been successful and the company is to look to formalise the approach to be taken over the coming months.

November 2016


Development in the Green Belt

Lucid Planning, with support from Artemis Ecology, has secured planning permission for a new Scout Hut in the Green Belt to the south of Watford.

September 2016


Expert Witness

Adrian Barker, of Lucid Planning Ltd, appeared as planning witness for Three Rivers District Council at the South Oxhey CPO Inquiry

The CPO was successful and the redevelopment that was facilitated will provide a contemporary mixed use and sustainable centre accommodating 5,137sqm of retail and support space, along with 514 dwellings.

August 2016